Tonight’s exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf belongs to hailing from Cologne duo Verneblung, and their 2nd single-video ‘Zeit zu Staub‘ (you may check the previous one here), taken from the upcoming 8-track debut album ‘Ready To Drown‘, out on June 25th via Blackjack Illuminist Records.

The video is a cynic view on the pandemic hysteria, following a man on white protective suit & a pink mask (!), disinfecting everything on his way, on a super stylish slo-mo.

Sonically, the track is an imposing, mid-tempo dark-minimal synth, with the more than decent female vocals sung in German, and direct 80s electro influences. But is this all? No, the song’s most powerful characteristic is its twisted universe, the unaware listener gets sucked in from point zero, with no easy way out! Can you endure? Oh, sure you can!


Hailing from the rural surroundings of Cologne, Germany, Verneblung deliver a mixture of dark synth-drenched Wave hymns driven by bass-heavy Industrial downtempo beats.

The duo was founded in an attempt to pair the sound of the city’s breakcore underground with the vocalist’s love for Janis Joplin’s and Jim Morisson’s idea of Blues.

Their mixture results in unique and refreshing soundscapes with an unexpected pop appeal.

Sinister reverb-ladden synth basses and lamenting, yet powerful German and English lyrics create a sphere of hopeful desperation and serene suffering.

‘Zeit zu Staub’ SoundCloud stream: