Have really missed a walk down the city centre, witout masks or any kind of precautions, with my discman and listening to some positive-vibe, uplifting alternative rock. Some may guess, this is a “90s kid”, writing those lines (Kudos for the guess!), but since we are going through the year(s) of the ‘plague’ and it’s 2020, we feel more than blessed here at Last Day Deaf‘s ‘headquarters’ to run tonight’s exclusive video premiere by Brooklyn’s alt-rock trio Tootilage, and their smashing first taster ‘America Day‘, off their 2nd, upcoming album ‘Evercoop‘.

These buddies achieve in less than 3 minutes, to celebrate, revive & bring back to life 90s alt rock, with catchy guitar hooks, competent lyrics, vocals with attitude, a sugar-coated chorus ‘glued’ to our brains for days, and tons of -needed- positivity. This gem sounds like the ‘bastard baby’ of great, and underrated, Guided By Voices with exuberant Eels.

When alternative music – which is supposed to be the standard-bearer of where white rock is headed – becomes either too cute or too manufactured, that’s just really not good.”

— Billy Corgan

Press Notes:

Recent events changed a lot of people’s plans. Alt-rock indie band Tootilage was about to release their EP “Meanderthal,” while lead singer-guitarist Ace Salisbury was directing videos for a small NYC PR company. Then the world changed. The next thing Ace knew, all of his projects were cancelled and he was temporarily relocated to a house in the countryside of Ohio. The band’s EP felt tone deaf in the current climate, so Ace packed his car with a recording studio’s worth of gear—including three guitars and a full drum kit—and set off to record a brand new album. What emerged was thunderous musings on being cooped up in isolation in a changed world, a ten-song epic rock album titled “Evercoop.”

“I’m not used to living outside the city,” says Ace. “This album was made to keep me sane out in the country.” With a tight schedule of writing and recording a brand new song each week, the track list quickly materialized into a full-blown LP. Produced from afar by Tootilage bassist Donovan Dwyer, emails and weekly phone calls helped the album take shape while maintaining the band’s collective identity. Regarding the process, Ace says “Donovan kept me from second-guessing myself, but wasn’t afraid to tell me when something wasn’t working. Without his help, it would’ve just felt like a sad solo project.” Veering into the surreal and the sci-fi, “Evercoop” paints the picture of a person’s descent into madness after prolonged isolation, all the while maintaining a simple, canine-like optimism.

“Evercoop” will be released to all platforms one song each week, starting with the album’s first single “America Day.” “This song is a sarcastic look at an America that might be unworthy of our pride right now, described through a new holiday in which we actually hold up our lackluster president as a role model for a day,” says Ace. “It’s a holiday where you give yourself permission to be a worse version of yourself; if you’re on a diet, it’s your cheat day. If you work out, it’s your skip day.” Expertly mixed by recording engineer Ian Turner, “America Day” rocks hard while being layered with rich, complex textures, and just makes you want to dance!

Releasing July 7th, you can hear “America Day” on Spotify and Apple Music:


You can keep up with the album’s release on the band’s website:



Tootilage is what happens when some 90s alt-rock-obsessed guys team up with a comedian to make music. Guitarist-vocalist Ace Salisbury, bassist Donovan Dwyer, and wild man Max Rafferty formed Tootilage in 2014 in Brooklyn, NY, and the result was an explosion of sonic nostalgia with an absurdist twist. Their first album “Spelled Correctly” would lead critics to question the band’s reading level. Their follow-up EP “Meanderthal” was injured in a boating accident and was never released. Fresh out of the studio recording their second full-length album “Evercoop,” Tootilage hopes to resonate with others who can’t remember what day of the week it is because of the pandemic. Stupidly relatable, deceptively profound, and probably hungry, Tootilage is here to rock.

Cover Art: Preston Spurlock