What we adore most about Seattle band, The Figurants, is that they are loyal to the 90s indie rock/lo-fi rock sound and they are heavily influenced by iconic acts, -and site’s darlings-, like Built to Spill and Pavement among numerous others. If you add on top their personal signature, and the fact that they keep their artistry pure and intact from any current trend or hype, you have their (indie) magic brew!

Their upcoming single, premiering exclusively on Last Day Deaf tonight, ‘Lint-Trap Ghost‘ couldn’t be the exception to the rule; Addictive guitar work reminiscent of ‘Lesser Matters‘-era The Radio Dept., divine slacker pop melodies and impeccable flow from start to finish, with every single second more vital than the next!

The accompanying video is a cool 35mm slideshow made by the band’s mastermind Matt McClure, and make yourself a favour to check this!

The band explains about the song: ‘A time traveler who accidentally sets his time machine to return 40 years later than he intended, and he must deal with the ramifications of seemingly having abandoned his family long ago while only having been gone for a total of 20 minutes.’