Feeling passionate about tonight’s exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf, by the British band Scatterchild, and their newest single and video ‘Staring Me Down‘. What makes this gem most adorable. is its unpretentious melody, the expressive, but also balanced, vocal performance, the splendid guitar work, and the optimal production/arrangement, but most significantly the 90s brit rock ethos and sound that bands like ‘The Bends‘-era Radiohead, Suede & Mansun shaped back in the day, and marked us for a lifetime. This band is not afraid, to sound vulnerable, melodic, and perhaps anti-cool, in favour of their artistry derived from true emotion.

Make sure you check the ideal accompanying visualizer, directed by award-winning filmmaker Matthew Boone, and pay attention to the lyrics about “being surrounded yet cut off from those around you, held tight by a city environment, by architecture which looms over you and entraps you.” ‘Staring Me Down‘ will….. ‘lift you up’!

Press Notes:

Coming hot on the tails of the propulsive Tough Love and a string of hot gigs, SCATTERCHILD return for their first single of 2022, a moody ballad of claustrophobia and surveillance. Staring Me Down is about being surrounded yet cut off from those around you, held tight by a city environment, by architecture which looms over you and entraps you.

The song’s protagonist finds themselves in a city, bustling with life surging around them and swallowing them whole like an endless ocean. Drowning and feeling watched, followed, and encroached upon, they eventually realise that they are without escape, and so ends the song’s howling final refrain…

SCATTERCHILD’s approach on this track builds on some of the production lessons learned on No Sense To End, using stacked layers of live and sampled drums to create a rigid but human sound, inspired strongly by the likes of Lewis Del Mar and Linkin Park. Jay Plent’s vocal switches from a breathy snarl to a bellowing wail from verse to chorus, bringing more swagger to his vocal than seen on any previous cut the band have put out. Due to the pandemic, drummer George AA had the unique challenge of laying down the drums after the rest of the instrumentation had been created. The song releases on Fri 29th April, alongside an acoustic version, and a B-Side. A music video, directed by award-winning filmmaker Matthew Boone, and made in collaboration with Manchester Screen & Film School, will release shortly after.


spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/29A7KCgDgjYYadLf0UPXIi

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