If it was erly 80’s today, we would wake up to tune in to our favorite radio station to learn when would the follow-up album to Rip Rig + Panic‘s debut would finally be out, and if we were extremely lucky to enjoy the ‘dadaistic’ pop of 3 Teens Kill 4. But, it’s 2020, the year of the pandemic, and we are all the more excited to exclusively host the premiere on Last Day Deaf, of Brooklyn-based Psychobuildings‘ latest video ‘House of Fame‘, directed by Alex McLeod, from the long-awaited, upcoming LP, ‘Blackout‘, due out on October 16th.

This one is progressive indie at its optimum version; A 4+ minute state of trance, like in the glorious, 80s days, the experienced listener should by no means miss, while at the same time sounding utterly hot off the press for the younger one!.

Peter LaBier‘s quote about the video: ‘The new Psychobuildings music video, House of Fame, directed by Canadian based artist Alex McLeod takes viewers on a fantastical and bizarre animated journey into a realm of shiny objects and tentacle like forms pulsing with animacy

Press Notes:

Blackout is a reaction to the beauty and turbulence experienced by LaBier since going dark in 2012. After receiving critical acclaim from publications such as Pitchfork, Stereogum, Fader, Spin and NME, and performing with notable acts like Blood Orange, Washed Out, Computer Magic, Small Black, and Picture Plane, Psychobuildings withdrew to write and record their next set of songs, anticipating a time to re-emerge and release them in the most impactful way. “Getting a lot of attention before you’re ready can pretty much end your music career before it even takes off. But then there are bands like Psychobuildings who seem made for success.” (Fader) The group has resurfaced after a period of reflection, influenced by the uncertainty of modern society and the possibility of rebirth to welcome Blackout. Blackout is a documentation and expression of the suffering and struggles we have been facing collectively and in our own lives individually. A blackout, be it on a personal level or national level, contains darkness and even potentially loss— but there is also room for reflection and ecstatic transcendence. This album was written to embody the spirit of the complexity of those associations. It is in some sense a response to the moment in a topical sense— the unrest in the country that has been simmering to a crescendo— and an exploration of the unknown within our personal lives and in the world at large due to the pandemic. Despite the gravity of the moment this record is not without joy and revelation— as our collective descent into the unknown may entail the opportunity for renewal, transformation and change.

Psychobuildings uniquely combines theatrical live dancing performances with an indie pop/chill wave sound, taking influence from The Cure, Talking Heads and David Bowie. While NME advised a “revolt against anything that apes Eighties synth music”, they highlighted that “Psychobuildings might just be the exception to that rule.” Fusing vintage synths and eighties inspired drums with lyrical honesty, Psychobuildings documents the unease of modern society into beautiful melody. 2020 is sure to be the breakout year for Psychobuildings through the release of Blackout.

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