This is the 2nd time within a few months that Last Day Deaf shares an exclusive by Oceaneer, after the two audio streams of ‘Richtigliegen‘ & ‘Pianist‘ from collaboration EP ‘Meerheit‘ with Vlimmer, back in November. This time, Oneechan Nanashi is on her own, and it’s the video premiere of ‘Beacon Fade Out‘ from her latest ‘Ghost Ship Cargo‘ full-length, out via Blackjack Illuminist Records. The environmental concerning visuals match perfectly with the broken piano ambience of Oceaneer leading to an ethereal result. Magnificent stuff not to be missed by neoclassical music’s fans!


Press Release:

Strangely soothing: The piano of Oneechan Nanashi is out of tune and broken, and if you have a look at the title of her debut album, you might wonder whether her instrument fell out of a container ship into the water to the bottom of the sea where she decided to record 10 instrumental tracks that don’t need any singing: Ghost Ship Cargo.

Nanashi adds post rock guitars and occasional violins to create a lo-fi version of modern classical music that sounds like a slowed down walk through an enchanted, yet destroyed Atlantis where the poor souls of a dozen of sunken passenger ships wander about trying to find a home. These 40 minutes are accompanied by gloomy sprinkles of sound, tape hiss (or waves?), creaking wood, a love for the sea which is mostly dark and mysterious. This ghost feels very much alive.

Portal opens the second half like bubbles are longing for the surface of the sea. Nanashi even dances a little waltz with a creature from the sea only to lose her partner to the promising beacon in the distance which turns out to be nothing but a hallucination. You are stuck here on the open water – which turns out to be an open grave.