Tonight we feel blessed to exclusively premiere a remarkable sample of experimental witch pop duo Nhktar‘s upcoming self-titled album in February 2021, ‘Moonlight‘. Borrowing Dead Can Dance‘s spirituality, Björk‘s “twisted” sensuality and Arcana‘s highly, atmospheric, dark musical tapestry, singer MaeDea ov Moon and cellist Sam Hollier push their artistry forward to another surreal, if not unreal dimension for the unaware listener, thanks to the captivating vocal performance and the stunning, intense soundscapes.

The collaboration with director jdaugh for the video is more than ideal, offering stories of erotic transformation, restoration of the sensual body and the dreaming earth.

Will you dare taste the “nectar of the gods”?

Press Notes:

Witch pop experimental duo Nhktar brings us the second installment of an ongoing body of work with their new single and video ‘Moonlight’, due to be released on Dec 5th. Teaming up with collaborator and director jdaugh, ‘Moonlight’ offers stories of erotic transformation, restoration of the sensual body and the dreaming earth.

Singer MaeDea ov Moon and cellist Sam Hollier capture an evocative range of emotions with atmospheric, cinematic, spellcasting that resists conventions of genre. Their multi faceted approach to composition builds expansive soundscapes of non-binary exploration, infusing polystylism with performance art and poetry, layering loops of cello, voice and piano.

Nhktar identifies as neuro queer, sex positive, space-holders in death doulaship and erotic somatic soundscapes. Intertwining plant work as a modality of healing in their multidisciplinary practice. They explain: “Moonlight is like a ritual lamentation, a space of grief and reclamation. Much like the older serpent traditions that required humans to go beneath the earth, to leave the culture and to bring in new stories through the body, ‘Moonlight’ offers a lush passage through the depths and into forms of personal, collective, and ecological healing.”

With live music cancelled due to the pandemic, Nhktar has been focusing on mediums such as living installations and public altar spaces for film compositions that seek to heal the connection between the body and the land. Their art advocates for collective care, trauma recovery, mutual aid and abolition of internal and external systems of oppression. They plan on continuing their work in film at a residency in Portugal for spring 2021.