Well it’s Friday night (at least on this side of the planet!), preparing for the weekend, and cannot think of anything more ideal than tonight’s exclusive video premiere by Neist Season and his “synthwave meets indie pop” gem ‘First Rays on the Hebrides‘. Ahead of tomorrow’s release, ‘Black Space‘ EP on Shore Dive Records, pump up the volume, press play and get yourselves involved with this alluring audiovisual treat, before the first rays of Saturday…..

Press Notes:

Black Space EP is the continuation of the adventures of a character, Neist, who navigates and shares his emotions and experiences. I’m fond off the ocean, road trips and I mix my own experiences. I mix also alternative genres such as dream pop, shoegaze, synthpop / synthwave. The goal is to listen to the Ep on the road, traveling, in his car somewhere in the rain or on the cockpit of a boat …

Brief Bio:

Neist Season is a artist who mixes synths, guitar, electro rhythmic beats and pop vocal melodies.

Neist Season is an independent and alternative project. It’s a music influenced by the 80’s synthwave, English indie pop 90’s and Shoegaze.

Neist Season is a first E.P “Breathe” released in k7 on Nouveau Records (Paris) in 2018.

Neist Season is a second E.P “Black Space” that will be released on CD on Shore Dive Record (Brighton, UK) the 19/10/19.