Most of us have been affected by the lockdown measures against the pandemic, and we are frequently searching for some glimmers of hope and positivity. Music and in particular tonight’s exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf, may work as the best placebo for our ‘lost freedom’ and fill our souls with a significant dose of euphoria.

British artist Monticolombi (former Soul Stretch Gang‘s frontman) is gifting us with his smooth, melodious hip-hop treat ‘In The Morning‘, with the pivotal aid from Lucy Debono; The power of Monticolombi’s 3rd solo release lies on the laid-back energy and the dope flow that will transfer the listener somewhere, afar from the urban environment, without mask, with our companion, enjoying nature (like the artist does in the ‘open-air’ video!) and singing to each other:

In the morning if it feels right,

maybe I could hold your hand.

In the morning if it feels right,

maybe you could drop your plans.

Press Notes:

In early 2020, Monticolombi came to life in the first official lockdown in the UK. A quarter Italian, this rap focused solo artist has drawn upon his routes to name the project and utilises his Grandfather’s surname. Marking Montocolombi’s third release, In The Morning ft Lucy Debono is a calmly energetic single that boasts about the blurry-eyed, love-filled days of youth.

After fronting the soul and hip hop collective Soul Stretch Gang (that saw huge success when supporting Jam Baxter, The Brand New Heavies, and Norman Jay among others) for the majority of his musical life, Monticolombi was catapulted into epic change when a rare viral infection lead to a sudden heart attack at age of 22. From this, the ethos of Monticolombi was born: to promote positive energy that brings light into hip-hop. With this project, Monticolombi has already reached the likes of BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio and 1Xtra who took note of his previous single that hosts an entrancing swagger, Pavement.

Monticolombi is a young creative that aims to be intentionally thought-provoking with his work. New single In the Morning is the perfect example of this type of music, whilst also celebrating the joys, rather than struggles, of modern, forward-thinking hip hop.