What we mostly enjoy about tonight’s exclusive video premiere (2nd for tonight!) from Dutch dudes Make Out Molly, is the authentic, old-school, diy approach in their latest garage rock “firecracker” ‘SWEET BAD BOY‘, which is accompanied by an epic, retro computer game medley, video (NES fans shouldn’t miss this; “Donkey Kong” spotted!).

Destined for repeated listens, ‘SWEET BAD BOY‘ is a super-catchy garage rock treat, you will easily get a charge out of it!

Devotedly DIY garage rockers are back with their mighty new single, SWEET BAD BOY, and as to be expected from the MOM boys, it packs a punch! Complete with their usual dose of gritty guitars, a fully charged beat, and of course, as always, clever lyrics packed with plenty of bite and cheeky innuendoes.

SWEET BAD BOY is a song about a boy you know, the kind that should’ve been left in the dark ages, it’s an ode to all the guys Make Out Molly have seen and hated over the years.. “This song goes out to all the douchebags, the high-school bullies, the pissed-off dudes who don’t know how to interact with other human life, the ‘nice’ guys who are major creeps, the ‘weird flex but okay’ bros, the cocky wannabe casanova’s, the ugly brained but good-looking males, the insecurity complex weirdos, the way too touchy when drunk dudes, etc – A BIG BOO-HOO TO YOU! Now let’s celebrate your flaws and sing for you!”

The track is a total trip, in less than three and half minutes, MOM takes you many places and covers a huge range of dynamics, and just when you think you have it figured out the whole song shifts to an unexpected extended outro of catchy vibes. The clip too is one hell of a trip, frames of familiar fun cut together to form an eventful and visually pleasing experience. It’s thanks to these quarantine days that it optically came to be what is, sitting around the house going through old NES games to pass the time when inspiration hit and just a few hours later this collage of nostalgia was complete.

The song and clip both hold up to the strong DIY ethic of this dynamite Dutch duo of Rens de Vries and Koen Fris, they recorded it themself in Rens’ mothers shed which they had converted into a makeshift studio for the day. They both juggle the post production responsibilities, one working on the mix for a few days and then sending to the other for him to spend a few days on it also, this back and forth takes place until they are both happy with the result, “basically we try not to overthink it, don’t do anything too fancy, just find a sound we both think is cool.” Keep an eye out for more new music coming from Make Out Molly later this year.