Are you ready for some indie fascination? Well, we bet you are since today we are extremely happy to exclusively premiere LOST CAT‘s ‘Postcode‘ video: A 4-minute hazy. lo-fi paradise combined with some “psychotropic” visuals. Music to get lost to…. to get lost to… lost to…. Dope!

Perhaps, one of the most “trippy” experiences of 2018…

Press Notes:

Jo Case, aka LOST CAT, grew up amidst the tail end of the Bristol free party scene of the late 2000s. While everyone she knew was making and partying to techno and dubstep, Jo was hunting out obscure 1970’s psychedelic folk albums and weird, fuzzy indie music.

Growing up surrounded by electronic music, this still made its mark on her sound, drawing it away from the traditional guitar folk that inspired her earliest songwriting. After a period of writing and recording with various electronic artists around Bristol (inc an album with Addison Groove), she started learning to use music software and by the time she joined her first band was already playing around with textured drones and developing the methods of manipulating her vocals and guitar that give her music its dreamy lo-fi sound.

In Spring 2015 Jo was suffering from anxiety and was forced to leave the band she had been fronting. Housebound and depressed, she threw herself into writing and recording in her bedroom for the next 6 months. During this break from the real world the new project was born, and by the winter Jo had started performing around East London as LOST CAT, releasing her first solo EP Lelylaan last summer.

She moved back to Bristol and now lives above a pub full of cats. She recorded new EP, Some Loops, staying up late on school nights experimenting with guitar loops and, for the first time, synths. When not tinkering with pedals she was listening to Andy Shauf, Lorelle Meets the Obsolete, Sufjan Stevans, Mild High Club, Marc Bolan, Broadcast and Arthur Russell. Some Loops was written on an old version of Logic on an ancient Macbook and mixed with the help of Robbie Stamp.

The result is LOST CAT’s most heartfelt and intricate work yet, combining emotive melodies with her lo-fi, hazy, psychedelic sound.

Created with GIMP on a Mac