The ‘heart & soul‘, or the core if you prefer of tonight’s exclusive video premiere on celebrating Last Day Deaf, is a very specific part of Angela Davis‘ sampled speech: ‘Education; Liberate the mind‘. And it’s on repeat. The message is clear, and we owe this to the Italian-born, San Francisco-based producer Nino Msk, who is behind Italic Disco.

His latest venture, ‘Liberate‘, is an eclectic mix of HI-NRG italo-disco, 90s minimal house (reminded us a lot of 90s electronic project Din) & trippy modern techno finishing touches. The producer is bold enough to merge different dance genres into one solid, compact sonic mosaic with big league, danceable mood.

The video, – a must-watch-, is an alluring collage from Russ Mills‘ “Byroglyphics“.

The single is out on May 1st by Eclectic Electric Recordings.

Will you liberate?

Press Notes:

Times are intense, and as we continue to weather this crisis together, we are quickly learning what’s important.
For many of us, a few things are rising to the top. Love, community, music, and learning are high on our collective list of priorities.

It is in this cathartic moment of global reconsideration that Italic Disco drops their new single, “Liberate”. This brand new song is a meaningful and intensely danceable rumination on the power of education. Featuring samples from speeches of the great Angela Davis, “Liberate” stirs us to embrace a new awareness and to fight oppression in all its forms. Davis’ impassioned words remind us to challenge old ways of thinking in this moment of global reckoning: “Education liberates the mind from established definitions and plans”.

This throbbing dance track connects the dots between 90s house, the synthesizer-driven soundscape of italo-disco, and flourishes of modern techno to make a sparkling anthem brimming with hope and empowerment. “Liberate” will set your pulse racing and open your heart to a world of new possibilities.

Produced and mixed at Eclectic Electric (Studio E2), 245 Hyde Street, San Francisco, California. Mastered at Sunlightsquare Studios, London, UK.

Italic Disco Bio:

Nino Msk, the Italian-born, SF-based producer behind Italic Disco is known for his work in the city with community and non-profit radio. He has created 200+ episodes of his weekly podcast, Espresso Sesh on (SFWeekly Best Radio Station 2013-19) and maintains an 8-year residency at The Revolution Cafe in the Mission. Italic Disco is the platform for Nino’s uptempo, electronic-driven, disco-inspired productions, in which he mostly uses analog drum machines, synthesizers, and samplers. Italic Disco has performed at Burning Man events in Black Rock City and SF, including Pre-compression and Decompression.