We are more than excited to host the exclusive video premiere on Last Day Deaf, by the rock ‘n roll/indie alternative project GALVEZTON, ahead of its 21st October official release, an integral part of the nine song collection album of psychedelic and sonically experimental tunes ‘PERSEVERE‘. Just imagine the flawless & effortless melodies of the great band The War on Drugs, but with a more psychedelic flavor. The uplifing freedom vibes of this ear-candy are ideally accompanied by the lovely visualizer. Anthemic, euphoric alternative rock that will fill your hearts with joy!

We’re giving a big thank you to the Low Way video producer, Allen “Folk Hero” Gibson. Folk is a big part of the visuals behind the thriving Houston Hip-Hop scene and we were thrilled he was into this project. We wanted to make something chill and groovy that showed the day to day Galveston locals live in.

We then called up our surfer and skater friend Gabriel Prusmack. Gabe was the champion longboarder of our La Izquierda Surf and Music Festival and has painted this whole island. He’s a big part of our culture and was happy to let us film him shredding in the community skate park. He’s so colorful it made for some great simple and natural shots that are both dynamic and flowing. That’s skating for you.

The video features our band jamming, cruising the streets and alleys surrounding our studio and just being ourselves. It’s pretty honest.The song is a modern, psychedelic and joyful reinterpretation of a quiet and moody folk song we released on a previous album and we wanted the video to follow that same trajectory. ” – Robert Kuhn

Press Notes:

“The atmospheric layered textures supplied by his well traveled band conjure immediate comparisons to Phosphorescent, with the down home soul of artists like Justin Townes Earle. He also has the indie psych blues cool kid feel of Kurt Vile, and shows a lot of swagger…He understands the foundational legacies of our popular music, the standard arrangements known to Folk, the Blues, and Gospel. Combined with his penchant for indie rock, Kuhn would sit well on a bill with recently popular indie favorites like The War On Drugs and Lord Huron.” —The WIld is Calling

(New York, NY)— Rock ‘n Roll/Indie Alternative project GALVEZTON, moniker for prolific songwriter Robert Kuhn, announces his album PERSEVERE, due out 10/21/22: a nine song collection of psychedelic and sonically experimental tunes.

The band originated in Galveston, Texas around 2012 when songwriter Kuhn moved to town from Nicaragua and started making friends by sharing his music at the historic Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe. At the time, the project was simply called Robert Kuhn, playing surf bars and listening rooms in the area. They cut a live album in 2014 at Sugarhill Studio entitled Everybody Knows (2014). It was embraced by the local press and commercially successful enough to free him from his day labor at a Houston Shirt Factory and devote time and energy to touring and playing music with his surf, rock ’n’ roll, blues, folk and reggae band of friends which included the late great extraterrestrial blues legend, Little Joe Washington. They toured all over the United States and Mexico until the last day of August 2019. While on the road in Western Colorado in support of their second release, Maria the Gun, Kuhn was in a nearly fatal van wreck that left him hospitalized in critical condition. He returned to Galveston six weeks later hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, but happy to be alive at all. With funding and support from friends and fans from around the world, Kuhn began a long quiet healing process that yielded the album PERSEVERE .

Also an avid surfer and community builder, Kuhn helped found an annual surf and music festival,La Izquierda, that will enter its fourth year in existence in May 2023. It raises money to support a Free & Family Friendly Summer concert series, “Save The Locals” across the street from the seawall in Menard Park every Thursday evening in June and July. The stage is an old bandshell that they worked with the city to restore during the Pandemic.

In conjunction with the album release, Kuhn will also be publishing his debut autobiographical novel Leaving Is Returning (via Weasel Press) – about his life and adventures in South/Central American indigenous villages (LINK TO EXCERPTS BELOW).

PERSEVERE offers an uplifting message and as the world changes quickly, GALVEZTON hopes it will take him back on the road to share this meaningful new music with his friends and family he’s made along the way.