Tonight’s exclusive video premiere on Last Day Deaf comes from Switzerland, and by singer/producer ELYN, whose 3rd single ‘I Heard The River Cry‘, off her upcoming first full-length album ‘BORN(E)‘, is a compelling indie pop ballad with eerie soundscapes, a spotless, fairy-like, vulnerable vocal performance accompanied by delicate piano chords, and intimate lyrics. The remarkable video is directed by Kollektiv Perzona, and is an absolute work of art….

Like Henri Matisse‘s famous quote “Creativity takes courage.”, and ELYN has that invaluable courage to differ, but most significantly unleash tons of emotion, beyond any kind of hype, or trends….

I heard the leaves flying borne by the wind
I watched the flowers falling asleep
I brought comfort to the deer
I saw the trees dancing in the woods

I watch the moon gracefully climb the hills

I saw the desert grow way too fast
I saw too many trees losing their ground
I watched the wolves hunting for more and more
I heard the river cry all the way down to the sea

I watched the moon gracefully climb the hills
I watched the moon

Press Notes:

Introspection on the one hand and daring to put herself in the spotlight on the other – ELYN does both on her solo and self- produced debut album. On “BORN[E]”, life’s intimate moments of the Sankt-Gallen’s singer-songwriter are brought together, deepened and carefully transformed into music, forming a very personal manifesto of her artistic vision.