…Is this what we want for America? Channel 1 investigates…” After this, we are welcome to the ‘twisted’ universe of ‘HVAC Love‘; Tonight’s exclusive video premiere on Last Day Deaf , captures love in the post-apocalypse. (Or perhaps post-COVID?). But if you think that Channel 1‘s sonic universe is dark & dystopic, perhaps you have to take a crack at this gem.

New wave is put in the same ‘blender’ with playful lo-fi rock and some light neo-psychedelia as topping, while cool synth sounds spring out from nowhere to utterly lose touch with reality.

Phlegmatic and wholly addictive!


Channel 1 began in 2019 as an outlet for drummer-songwriter Gil Young’s rekindled interest in the pop music of his youth, after years as a devoted metalhead.

For the past year, the band has honed their unique blend of playful, sardonic lyrics with New Wave, Punk and Lo-fi Pop sounds, building a name for themselves in the LA indie scene.

Gil describes Channel 1 as an “impressionistic exploration of regret, desire, and identity in the information age”. Recalling his earliest pop music memories of fighting for the dial on the car radio with his older sister, skipping between stations mid-song, the band works in pastiche, digesting and regurgitating bygone genre tropes with reckless abandon.

Press Notes:

Love is scarce in the post-apocalypse, even scarcer than a safe bed or central air. ‘HVAC Love’ captures a moment of indecision in a ruthless and terrifying dystopia. After years of fearful solitude in his hermetically sealed bunker, a lonely scientist is shocked to find that he has company –– a single, wounded raider banging on his front door. Terrified by her appearance, yet intrigued by the thought of companionship, the scientist must make a choice. Does he open the door, breaking the seal between himself and the outside world, or does he keep it shut?

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2KCBLbC

Bandcamp: https://channel1la.bandcamp.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/channel1radio/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/depeche.chode