We feel more than excited for today’s exclusive video premiere on Last Day Deaf of alt-americana veteran artist Brian Seymour‘s new track and video ‘American Courage‘, taken from his forthcoming album ‘American Courage‘, due out on June 30th, 2023. This americana song’s virtues are Seymur’s intimate vocal expression, the effortless melody, and the exquisite production and arrangement unleashing a timelsss quality. But most importantly, it’s the song’s message we should never forget: “love ain’t easy, but it’s everything.”

The accompanying video is genuinely combined with this americana treasure and was shot on location on the (Rocky) steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, filmed by videographer Hiu Yau, and produced and edited by the artist himself.

On the track, Seymour describes: “In these times, it is not easy to believe. We know what to do, the song says, “love ain’t easy, but it’s everything.” I wanted to make an understated video that might connect us all to the America that we live in and the struggle that we all share. We dream America together, maybe this video can remind us of the promise of tomorrow.

Staging this video on the Art Museum steps was like returning home. I did much of my dissertation research in the archives at the PMA and spent countless hours in the galleries. I experienced a sense of unity and strength as both great passions came together, art and music.

Press Notes:

(New York, NY)–Alt-Americana veteran artist Brian Seymour is the most sincere performing songwriter that you have never heard of…think David Gray hailing from Asbury Park. Inside Seymour’s heartfelt folk-pop gems you can feel all the feels and stop the world from spinning four minutes at a time. Carrying a Ph.D. in the history of art, Seymour brings a unique perspective to the creative process, informing his finely-crafted lyrics that pack a punch without any pretense. With a career spanning 20 years, Seymour is a confident, seasoned performer who charms audiences and draws everyone in close with his whisper to a roar emotional vocal delivery. At the piano or the podium, Seymour guides us to our better selves with wit and wisdom. Now, he is proud to welcome the title track/video from his forthcoming album American Courage, due out 6/30/23. In addition to the new release, Seymour will have a free residency at Philly’s Fergie’s Pub on April 14, 21, and 28 at 6pm-8pm.

Brian Seymour has released four albums in his 20+ year musical career including his debut A Thousand Tarzans (2000), When I Was Blonde (2002), Perfectly Wrong (2005) and Speak to Me of Young Love (2011). Seymour’s Select Discography Playlist on Spotify. “American Courage” is his first album release in over 10 years.  The album began writing itself during the COVID-19 pandemic “American Courage is a shot at reconciliation. It pushes back against hopelessness brought on by the pandemic and relentless social injustice. The core idea of this project is that love ain’t easy but it’s everything. I can’t imagine a world without the promise of America.” States Brian. Seymour’s forthcoming LP American Courage is a career-defining moment of honest songwriting and powerful performances.

His live performances have lit up intimate venues from Boston to Atlanta as Seymour shifted time to family, grad school and art history education. Along the way, Seymour landed key placements in film and TV, as well as covers by diverse artists including Dan Tyminski of Union Station, party band Cowboy Mouth, and Philly punks Foxy Contin.  Don’t get him started telling stories how he turned a pair of shows at the Viper Room into a lucrative national TV ad campaign, or about his month-long residency playing Tom Waits covers at the House of Blues in Shanghai.

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