You cannot stop the devil, Only the man performing him” is the opening verse of the 2nd single, ‘Two Bullets‘, in 13 years by L.A.-birthed trio Bang Sugar Bang. Cooper Gillespie (bass/vocals), Matt Southwell (guitar/vocals), and Chris Black (drums/vocals) are making a glorious return in action judging by tonight’s video exclusive on Last Day Deaf, but also their previous one a few weeks ago ‘Little Bit Of Hope‘, both from upcoming 4th album ‘Invisible City‘, that will be released on August 24th.

Fortunately ‘the clock’ has stopped in the 90s for these dudes, that deliver an apple-pie alternative rock banger, with a powerhouse vocal performance by Cooper, a driving bassline reminiscent of Adorable‘s ‘Homeboy‘ (yup, that good!), melty, crunchy riffs & vigorous drumming by Chris. The video, directed by Mike Schnee, is shot on b&w and is a pure joy to watch too. Perhaps we have forgotten that alt/indie rock music is all about living it up. Bang Sugar Bang are back to remind us! Precious…


Bang Sugar Bang have returned with Invisible City, the trio’s fourth album and their first in thirteen years. 

Cooper Gillespie (bass/vocals), Matt Southwell (guitar/vocals), and Chris Black (drums/vocals) formed Bang Sugar Bang in 2001. The fiercely independent group co-founded the Kiss or Kill music scene, which was dedicated to fostering underground indie bands in Los Angeles in the early-aughts. BSB broke up in 2007 but reunited for a Kiss or Kill reunion show six years later. They had so much fun playing together that night that they promised each other they would record another album one day.

Last summer, they finally made good on their promise with the help of their fans, who funded the recording of the new album. Cooper flew from California and Matt drove from Michigan to reunite with Chris in his new hometown of Madison, WI. The three of them rehearsed for two days at Chris’s daughters’s preschool and then headed to Clutch Studios to record ten songs in five days. Matt finished the tracking at Menzo Media in Ann Arbor, MI and then sent the tracks to Los Angeles where Josiah Mazzaschi of the Cave Studio mixed the record. 

The result is an upbeat album full of girl-guy harmonies and punky power pop gems.