Today, we feel more than excited to share the exclusive stream of the creative joint venture, entity if you prefer, of Amory Reel (vocalist, songwriter, and record producer based in Los Angeles), Zuma (based across Tokyo and San Diego – the globe trotting producer/dj makes wavey lo-fi inspired experimental r&b) & Dane Amar (singer/songwriter/rapper/producer based out of San Diego, CA), under the name Tribe 20:4.

World Is Ending‘ is a lo-fi cloud hop gem ideally mixed with experimental contemporary R&B vibes, a tune of rare, minimal beauty, and we guess if the world would ever end, this would be its ideal soundtrack.

Press Notes:

Creative collective Tribe 20:4 members Amory Reel, Dane Amar, and Zuma. display their apprehension regarding the state of the world in “The World is Ending”, an alternative lo-fi manifestation of communal anxiety.

A newcomer to the scene, Los Angeles based artist/songwriter Amory Reel shares the origins of this song:

“The idea for this song came about when I was on the keyboard alone in my house. Over many weeks, I felt this gradual build up of so many emotions concerning the chaotic place the world is in, and it all just spilled out in this song. I often feel like there’s a chance I might be around to witness the end of the world as we know it, and to be honest, I don’t know how I feel about that.”

The production, handled by Tokyo-based producer/dj Zuma., encompasses a mix of lush organic atmosphere and sharp electronic tones, often toying with each other to create a hybrid sonic personification of the modern world.

Amory Reel’s yearnful and distorted vocals juxtapose rapper/singer Dane Amar’s powerfully expressive verse where he narrates the inner turmoil of growing up in his San Diego neighborhood.

The three artists offer the deepest parts of their spirit in this Tribe 20:4 single, out on all platforms today, Wednesday July 24th.

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