We feel more than excited tonight to host the exclusive track stream on Last Day Deaf of Lightphaser‘s (solo electronic music project of Slovakian citizen Joseph Gogh) ‘Critical Mass‘, the 4th track of upcoming ‘Ascension‘ EP. The almost 6-minute opus is a stunningly produced, highly cinematic, full with space-y vibes, blend of idm, synthwave and electro. The gradual build-up, will gift the most patient ones after the 4th minute, when the track opens up to unleash its most surreal, alluring soundscapes. Put on your spacesuit, press the play button below…. The ride to the stratosphere is just about to begin!

Press Notes:

I am happy to present you my new EP Ascension! It is the prelude to my forthcoming album, where the theme will be global awakening. The songs on this EP are about taking your destiny into your own hands. The songs are heavily synthesizer-based sometimes having a mystic soundtrack or experimental atmosphere. I wrote the songs much quicker than I expected and to my surprise, they ended up being the most complex ones I ever produced, regarding both the arrangement and the instruments involved. I enjoyed very much the creation process, and I hope it will bring you at least as much joy listening to it. There is a great emphasis on the stereo landscape, so if I may recommend you, try to listen to it with your best headphones. The artwork for the EP cover was designed by Artisan.zy. Music videos will be produced in the coming months, the first being published on the 1st of August. The music will be available worldwide including all major streaming platforms. Around the last quarter of this year, a full-length album may be expected, which will take the essence of these songs to the next level.


Lightphaser is a solo electronic music project of Joseph Gogh. At its inception around 1998, the inspirations came from the EBM music scene and video game soundtracks. Influences were Jean-Michel Jarre, Orbital, Front Line Assembly, and Solar Fields. The project was heavily limited by resources, a personal computer was the only tool for composing at that time. Although most of the early works were not released, plans are already being made for remastered productions.

In 2008 the project was rebooted by the new single “Falling Horizon” which was followed soon by the first official release “Flashback”. The studio got built around FL Studio and controller keyboards. The main emphasis was on experimenting with different sound schemes and sonic modellings mixed by industrial elements.

Through the following years, several songs were released on compilations at Electro Arc label. Meanwhile, an EP “Eternity” was self-produced as limited edition hard copy CDs featuring remixes from “Flashback”, which later got reissued as a digital download.

Over time Korg became the favorite brand and the most used equipment was the Korg R3 synthesizer. The “New Tone” / “Mix Tone” pair of albums were the significant releases showcasing Korg sounds spiced with piano play. The sound got refined and took a lighter direction towards electronica and synth-pop. “A tour-de-force ride through Kraftwerkian techno realms in space.”, as Steve from Chain D.L.K described. Collaboration with Timea Göghová resulted in 2 EPs featuring her vocals. By producing the vocal mix of “Falling Horizon” it just became the most remixed track having even a soundtrack version.

Starting from 2016 several projects were ongoing simultaneously. Works started to emerge in a wide range from music production to software development. The first application published on Google Play Store was a free arcade game “Spacewolf” with its own original soundtrack. Soon it was followed by several others including “Yuhtgong”, an app for learning the Cantonese language. Those who are looking for Royalty-Free audio may find the soundtrack EP “Eternity Time Warped” interesting. It was produced exclusively for Unity Asset Store and Unreal Engine Marketplace only, suitable for games as in-game / background music or any other kind of project. As more time got devoted to video production, slowly the whole process turned out to be a continuous content creation including educational and entertainment videos with a regular publishing schedule.

A new era has begun in 2020. The studio got upgraded and a new member has joined the team, she is the beautiful Vocaloid Hatsune Miku. The journey of Sound Engineer, the main character of the new album, was told by 3 consecutive EPs and creative animated music videos. The video of “Serenade”, a space love song ballad, is also considered to be the first short film production. “Serenade expands the boundaries of what is possible when creating.”, as written by With a Side of Beets blog. The music is a combination of eastern vocal and western composition styles. “It sounds like Gary Numan meets Kraftwerk in Vangelis’s Blade Runner theme park. ” as Steve from Chain D.L.K. describes.

Eventually, the story unfolded by the arrival of the full-length album “Sacred Journey Of Heart”, which was dedicated to someone special… The original artworks used thorough all the creatives were specially designed by ALYCESON. In addition, a merchandise shop was launched featuring cute artworks on various products for Vocaloid fans.

The latest release is “Ascension”, the EP where your journey starts into a global awakening. The individual songs were originally intended to have a game or movie soundtrack style and they serve as a prelude for the forthcoming album. Music videos will be published in the following months. The full-length album may be expected later in the year, which will take the essence of the EP to the next level.