Prepare yourselves for 5 minutes of a delicate and finely calibrated blend of experimental, ambient, post-rock and folk; Gareth Mitchell (recorded under the Philosopher’s Stone alias for Kranky), is going under his name for ‘72‘ and he’s doing more than great!

Today’s exclusive, ‘Decay‘, is one of the finest examples for the album’s high quality, an heterogeneous, ultra-melodic tune unleashing this unique “cinematic freedom”, leaving the listener wide open space to decide for his mind travel. Discreet and bonny!

Decay‘ is taken off ‘72‘ released on Eye Contact.


Gareth Mitchell also recorded for Kranky as Philosopher’s Stone.

This new Album, titled ‘72’, was quietly released on Winter Solstice, six weeks ago, on Eye Contact. ‘Decay’ is also being Remixed by former Warp Records Recording Artist Sote.

Former 4AD Recording Artist His Name Is Alive has also Remixed a track from this album (…as well as Produced an entire ‘72’ Album Mash…).