Tonight we feel stoked to host the exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf, of Nickolas Widener‘s music vehicle Widespell and its brand new single ‘Will You Go‘, which will officially be released on March 19th. According to its creator the song is ‘about feeling like you’re losing control of your life and trying to cope with the uncertainties of a relationship. In an imperfect world, one can only cling onto the positives and take life one day at a time‘.

What we love most about this gem is that this one is the singer’s most compelling performance to date, -well-balanced and soothing but never too mellow-, with melodies that will directly seep into your brain, an addictive, mystagogic tranquillity and a hollow crescendo for the patient ones. This is an experience best enjoyed in the dim half-light, on endless repeat…

Press Notes:

Nickolas Widener is the creative force behind Widespell and is currently based in Nashville, TN. ‘Will You Go’ was co-written with Nate Fleming (Bandit Heart), who also mixed, mastered, produced, and engineered the track.  

Track Credits: Nickolas Widener – Vocals, Guitars, Bass

Nate Fleming – Percussion, Piano, Synthesizers, Vibraphone