We feel honoured to run another exclusive track premiere (Will You Go‘ premiere) on Last Day Deaf, of Nickolas Widener‘s WidespellLugano Station‘, ahead of its official release, on Friday, November 5th. This time, the dream pop influence is openly audible and the ambrosial, effortless melody is emphasized from the spacey production/mixing by the song’s co-writer Airpark‘s Scott Hundley.

Widespell explains: “I wrote this track about a lovely holiday out in Switzerland with my partner. I wanted to freeze time and remain in that moment forever. I wanted depth in the track to try and match the feeling of looking out over the lakes and seeing snow capped mountains for miles. The beauty in that small town was extensive and I wanted to try and capture it in this track.”

Press Notes:

Nickolas Widener is the creative force behind Widespell and is currently based in Nashville, TN. ‘Lugano Station’ was co-written with Scott Hundley (Airpark), who also produced mixed, and engineered the track. Mastered by Pete Lyman (Tom Waits, St. Vincent) at Infrasonic Sound.

Track credits: Nickolas Widener – vocals, guitar, bass

Scott Hundley – background vocals, guitar, bass, synthesizers, percussion