We all happen to have some restless nights every now and then. What about a soundtrack for all those nights to comfort us? Widdendream from Geyserville, California, seem to have the clue with the awesome darkwave/synth-pop gem ‘Restless Nights‘. The eerie vocals from Mei-Lee Chen are ideally matched by the warm Alex Clark‘s synths, to create a sublime, dreamy, 4AD-ish atmosphere in the vein of Chromatics. Last Day Deaf cannot resist! Can you?

Restless Nights‘ is taken from the duo’s debut album, ‘In The Night‘, out July 20th.

Press Release:
Widdendream is a darkwave/synthpop duo hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, USA featuring Mei-Lee Chen on vocals and Alex Clark on synthesizers.  Their sound is inspired by 1980s underground music and bands like Kirlian Camera, New Order and The Cure and artists that were on the 4AD and Projekt record labels.  Their songs range from dreamy and ethereal to dark, melodic and danceable.
Their debut album “In The Night” will be released on July 20, 2018.  Recording for “In The Night” began back in January of 2016.  Multiple singers came and went and progress ground to a halt with each departure.  Finally, Alex met Mei-Lee in the fall of 2017.  With the final piece of the puzzle in place recording began anew and the album was completed in early 2018.
The album can be ordered on Bandcamp, iTunes and other online vendors.
In The Night‘ Tracklist:
1. Cold World
2. Better Days To Come
3. Nothing Is Real
4. Restless Nights
5. End Of An Age
6. Adrift
7. Beneath The Waves
8. Hidden Face
9. Remember Me This Way
10. Private Life
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