What we mostly adore about tonight’s exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf, is that Twivee, – with the precious aid from his mate Josh Bailey-, is not afraid to unleash a sentimental inferno unlike we’ve experienced in a while. The heavy trap style beats and the competent, clean rapping are genuinely combined with Bailey’s pop/r&b sensibilities, and impeccable, super stylish, noir, neo soul vibes.

Dedication‘ is about ‘all artists everywhere who know, regardless of the struggle, there’s still a fire that burns from the idea that they can hit the big time‘. Take a deep breath, & press play below:

Press Notes:

Following up from his previous single “Gotcha ‘Til Then”, as featured on BBC Introducing’s track of the day, Twivee prepares to drop his latest single “Dedication” featuring Josh Bailey.

Having spent each month of the year so far having airplay from BBC Introducing. Notably, he has also performed a BBC Live Lounge and featured on BBC Radio 6. His freestyle Greatness also received airplay from Manchester based radio station ‘Pie Radio’.

Gracious, determined with a mixture of burning passion, ‘Dedication’ is the anthem for the artist. Showing viable strength and a pin point focus rap, Twivee expresses to keep pushing at the dreams kept within the wildest of imaginations, while Josh Bailey serenades with a hook in manners more tender, and bittersweet, creating almost an oxymoron of aggressiveness and gentleness in the approach. From writing, to the production and mix down, Twivee doesn’t just perform on Dedication, he creates the entire world around it. He picks his features with great precision, deciding to feature Josh Bailey had come from a “eureka!” moment when he knew he had the perfect balance of Hip Hop and R&B, spending months prior trying to find the right song to feature Josh. Not only did the vibes match, Twivee and Josh Bailey’s friendship has history, and the song features two friends/artists sharing the exact same burning desire for creating soulful anthems.

“I like to see Dedication as me expressing the journey we go on as an artist, it’s like the contrast of light and darkness” says Twivee. “I wanted to get straight to the point and really express how I feel about where I currently am with the music, while reflecting on how far I’ve come too”.

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