Tonight we feel excited to host the exclusive track premiere from Oslo-based musician/producer/visual artist Torgny and his track ‘Grimace In The Dark‘ with Maria Due on guest vocals, taken from the new 4-track EP due out today, 11th June. The dark atmospheric soundscapes are absolutely combined with Due’s fairy-like vocal performance, while the admirable production and sound upgrade the listening experience to the highest level. Hope you are ready for this electro pop magma!

Regarding ‘Grimace In The Dark‘, the artist states: ‘The song addresses the peculiar feeling of being a stranger to yourself in relation to the other. The song asks the question: what is a home? In the lyrics it’s a house boat, and it’s a state of mind, but also a hospital sheet wrapped around a naked body standing in the street.’

Press Notes:

Together EP is a melodic and focused 4 song release about love, loss and relationships. Every song features the voice of singer and artist Maria Due, a collaborator of Torgny since the beginning. The focus track Together draws a picture of romantic love under pressure and loosely tells the story of a couple disintegrating under pregnancy. Grimace In The Dark elaborates further on the strangeness and ambivalence of any passionate romantic entanglement. With crispier-than-crisp percussion and brooding bass we are by the end of the song left with the image of a grimace in the dark. «A stranger is here, playing my part» as the lyrics go. As My Mind Closed, Yours Was Opening is a cover song by the obscure band Jesse (1997), a side project of singer/guitarist/songwriter Frankie Stubbs from the legendary UK punk rock band Leatherface. The bittersweet sentiments are channeled through the straight forward voice of Maria, over a swaying Wurlitzer piano. Remember My Namestarts off in a calm, but nervous tone with distorted synth, fragile violin and flute, before being taken over by a one-take-spoken-word-piece. A stream of vivid imagery and statements ends defiantly: «There’s nothing I would’ve changed, there’s not a goddamn thing I would’ve changed».