I know there are a lot of us out there who still miss the glorious 90’s indie spirit and acts like Sebadoh (well they are back soon-ish!) & Pavement (they are not back any time soon...) among numerous others. Or even re-visiting every now and then Larry Clark‘s ultimate Generation X flick “Kids“… Well, no need to do so, at least for the following weeks. Today’s exclusive on Last Day Deaf, and ‘optimal sedative for our “disease”‘ is the unmatched slacker/lo-fi, -destined to be your sonic fixation- for a relatively long period, ‘Casual Complaining‘ by The Figurants.

Just listen to the brilliant guitar work, and the ideally matched vocals along with the richly textured melody that will trasnport you to that indie dimension, and like once Lou Barlow said “Look for magic in the daily routine“. Fits like a glove!

Casual Complaining‘ is the first single from The Figurants’ upcoming EP ‘Coat Canaries‘.


The Figurants are comprised of songwriter Matt McClure (Red Kitchen) and producer Erik Sahd (Chauchat). The two originally met in high school in Lancaster, PA.

Shortly after graduation, McClure and Sahd were hired for a traveling costume-character kids show called “The Dinosaur Legends”. Together they toured the country with McClure playing Steggy-T (“The Outer Space Dinosaur”) while Sahd played the group’s defacto leader Dino Dude. It was during this time that Sahd taught McClure the basics of playing guitar.

Sahd would start his own solo career and released the solo experimental album “Right Now (You Have Always Been Right Here)” and played drums for many acts around the Lancaster/Philadelphia area. McClure would live in various cities around the country and play in several bands until forming Red Kitchen which released their first album in 2008 titled “The Second Person”.

After a 20-plus year absence and inspired by the long-distance recording methods of indie rock band Sparklehorse, McClure and Sahd would exchange the tracks over the internet that would become “Relative Distance”.

Within the year, the Figurants would follow up “Relative Distance” with an accompanying EP “Empty Curses”. Their second full length album “What Your Teeth Do” was released in 2018.