Today’s exclusive premiere for Last Day Deaf comes by uprising Washington D.C. alternative rock trio Smokin’ on Planes, and their up-tempo banger ‘Norwhal‘. Just imagine (maybe it’s difficult!) The Cure jamming with Dinosaur Jr., add some in-depth socio-political lyrics and tons of emotion and personality, and there you have it! Nick Galasso on Guitar & vocals  Bass, Miguel Teixeira on Bass & Omri Malul on Drums sound solid as a rock in this remarkable alternative rock/garage-pop banger! Hope you dig this…


Band’s Bio

Smokin’ on Planes is an alternative rock trio from Washington, D.C. Their debut, the three-song sampler ‘Parallel Lives’ was released on September 14th. “Up-tempo rock n’ roll that’s irreverent and satisfying, but contemplative as hell” is how guitarist and singer Nick Galasso describes the trio’s sound. Galasso cut his teeth playing drums in punk bands around Delaware and Philly, but stopped playing music in public by his late 20s. He focused instead on honing songwriting skills and improving on guitar. Older and wiser, his songs unabashedly reflect the pantheon of our inner complexities – from the weird shit we dream about to the things that make us afraid. Galasso met bassist Miguel Teixeira in graduate school back in the aughts. After splitting ways, they reconnected in D.C. where both were eager to start playing Galasso’s songs. Bringing on board drummer Omri Malul, Smokin’ on Planes was formed in the spring of 2018. The band is releasing ‘Narwhal,’ a two-song single in January 2019. Ensconced in the pressure cooker of DC, both songs were written over the sweltering summer and imbue the intensity of our current divisions in 2018. The songs celebrate the sacred moments when we can throw off fear and fight back – both personally and politically.