We feel more than confident that most of you have profoundly missed a kooky party with some inspiriting sounds to get your body moving, in this tedious social distancing era due to the pandemic. No worries, since tonight we feel blessed to premiere ‘Sweet Little Crazy‘ by songwriter-guitarist Seth Kessel. This gem is a fine amalgam of country, 50s rockabilly & also classic rock n’ roll with Kessel’s finely tuned vocals, playful guitar and acrobatic rhythm that will instantly put you in the right mood, even with your slippers on!

This track is all about being crazy about someone who is crazy. It’s quirky and fun so I thought to capture that with a western swing/country sound. There is a modern touch in the lyrics which are just edgy enough to balance out the music and vibe.” Seth Kessel

Press Notes:

Bridging the classic and the contemporary, songwriter/guitarist Seth Kessel puts a modern spin on his penchant for classic rock ‘n roll. Inspired by everything from from Elvis Presley,  Howlin’ Wolf,  Johnny Cash, Django Reinhardt, to The Clash, and Bad Brains, the influences are abundant on his upcoming album Ride on Through, to be released this June 25,2021.

Born in New York City and raised in Brooklyn,  Kessel is a well traveled songwriter, singer and guitar player with an extensive background in his field. While having a widespread professional music career in various bands and as a producer/studio engineer with notable success, his focus lies in the interpretation of mid-century American roots music, particularly 1950’s rock ‘n’ roll, classic country, and early jazz. His richly toned voice, virtuosic guitar playing and powerful songwriting make him a triple threat. His songwriting runs the gamut from clever and witty lyrics to hardships of the past. The result is a raw emotion and honesty that he brings to every tune and performance.

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