We feel more than enthusiastic about tonight’s exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf, from Louisville-Kentucky based indie rock band Quiet Hollers, and their 2nd single ‘Atheist’s Afterlife‘ off of upcoming 4th album ‘Forever Chemicals‘, out on January 21st, 2022. The quartet’s genre-bending sound is more than present in this gem whose main assets are its infinite poetic lyricism, the well balanced warm sound, the confident and charismatic vocal performance, the bleeding guitar riffs and the gradual anthemic climax, leading to one of the most genuine spiritual explorations of this year, ideally combined with the song’s deep lyrical content…

Quite Hollers’ founder, singer-songwriter Shadwick Wilde, stated about ‘Atheist’s Afterlife‘:

Atheist’s Afterlife began as a poem, without any music.  I wrote it while driving alone through the hills of Kentucky…. A kind of response to that very common question:  “What happens after we die?”  The answer, of course, is everything.  Our consciousness dissolves, rejoins the infinite universe, our true origin, in the never-ending cosmic dance of birth, life, death, and rebirth.”

“I took the words and sang them over a drum machine loop I made, with the simplest of chords… altogether it was probably the most painless of any song that has come to me.  Everything just fell into place, and went where it wanted to go.”

Press Notes:

Forever Chemicals is the joyfully nihilistic fourth LP from genre-bending indie group Quiet Hollers, based in Louisville, KY and led by singer-songwriter Shadwick Wilde.  Referencing the ancient practice of Alchemy both in its artwork and its production, it mixes elements from across the spectrum of rock music to deal unflinchingly and compassionately with mortality, mental illness, and the grand mystery of existence.

“We are forever chemicals.  The same particles we’re made of have been here since the beginning of time, and will be here indefinitely.  Yet, all we have is this moment, and how we choose to spend it,” says Wilde.

Building upon the band’s anything-goes ethos, which began with their self-titled 2015 LP, dubbed “the cake album” by fans, Forever Chemicals experiments with elements of doo wop, post punk, and golden-era rock to deliver the band’s most liberated and vulnerable songs to date.  With Wilde handling most of the instruments (guitars, bass, piano, synthesizers) Forever Chemicals is also the most complex and melodically layered of the Quiet Hollers cannon.

“Forever Chemicals is a love letter.  To my partner, my family, all of my bandmates, both past and present, and especially to the fans.  They are the reason I’ve gotten to have this crazy journey; traveling, playing these weird, sad songs and finding connection and meaning in all of it.  I feel so lucky and grateful for it all… the whiplash-inducing highs and lows.  I went to therapy for three years after Amen Breaks, began discovering my own mind, my own chemicals and how they act and react.   Meditation and cognitive behavioral therapy saved my life.  Hopefully, I can pass on some of what I’ve learned through my own explorations, mistakes, and triumphs.”

Forever Chemicals is out 1/21/22.