My face doesn’t matter” reads the piece of paper the ‘masked’ man is holding. And why should it matter with such a monumental music? After all, it’s better to hide your face than your feelings.

Today’s exclusive track premiere on Last Day Deaf belongs to Phantoms vs Fire and the compelling opener ‘Full Of Scorpions Is My Mind‘ from his upcoming album ‘Modern Monsters I & II’ (Blackjack Illuminist Records, February 28). The sense of ‘chase’ is intense in this experimental, avant-jazz, modern classical work of art in which the listener is literally captured in an emotional whrilpool unlike anything else he’s experienced in the distant past. This is ‘out-of-the-box’ music destined to any music fan who’s thinking beyond genre barriers. Music to make you feel…. Alive!

Thiago C. Desant about the track: “Full Of Scorpions Is My Mind’ started out as my “aggressive jazz thing”. That’s how I called it. My idea was to create a track that would represent a person fleeing in panic, falling to their knees and then rising up victorious. So the drums and trumpet group flutter tonguing carry the tension from the beginning. Anxiety inducing sounds that lead you to the middle, the track’s calmer part, where all the running and screaming stops and I go more electronic sounding, almost like a video game cutscene. It’s the moment when you ponder what was going on and who or what was chasing you. That’s when the horns and orchestral drums kick in to take you back to more organic sounds and guide you towards an epic ending. It’s when you realize it’s safe to stand up and face your enemy.”

Press Notes:

What if Macbeth had been written by H.P. Lovecraft? What if the man who would soon become king rose to be a Pharaoh through Hermeticism and chaos magick instead of killing his way to throne of Scotland? This album is connected to PvsF’s previous album, “My Mind As Your Amusement Park”, through its fictional experiencer. On that one he saw himself as a victim, someone else’s toy. He believed his life was under the control of powerful forces that wanted him forever as a servant, forever in a constant state of lack and pain. He experienced all that in the fictional ghost town where that record takes place.
However, in “Modern Monsters” he moves to the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula and goes through big changes of belief. He comes to the conclusion that nothing comes from without; all things come from within; denying the evidence of the senses is the way to the realization of his desires. After a life of being treated like nothing, he craves for power and to become a pharaoh. However, he has no intention to be seen as an intermediary between the gods and the people. He sees himself as a god.
The music expresses his madness, the anger and desire for power and revenge. It includes more brass and drums than on “Amusement Park…” while also building a mixture of gothic sounds and glitchy, angry drums with church organs, strings and synthesizers. Some sort of aural fever dream filled with moments of blind hope and dread.