We feel stoked to host the exclusive track premiere on Last Day Deaf, by singer-songwriter, native Bostonian, & long-time New Yorker Paola Bennet, and hers ‘In This Body‘, ahead of its official release on March 5th. This song is a dark indie pop gem born from the artist’s experience with a chronic illness and ‘it spotlights that sense of being a stranger in your own body‘, kicking off in a moody, melancholic way with Bennet’s angelic vocals, to gradually transform into a mighty, guitar-driven, anthemic opus until the howling, caustic outro: “Say I’m fine, I feel crazy / Don’t call me crazy.”

Spine-chilling and brutally honest!

Press Notes:

Brooklyn, New York – When you deal with chronic illness, you take nothing for granted: the most mundane task can become a burden. Paola Bennet’s latest single “In This Body” illustrates this sense of being a stranger in one’s own body. Having spent months in doctors’ offices without answers, Bennet puts her frustration to sound: “Tell me exactly which pill to take, how to heal a chameleon wound,” she pleads. Inspired by dark melancholics like Daughter & Phoebe Bridgers, her haunting vocals float over electric, kick-driven production, emphasizing the brain-body disconnect.

“When no one can tell you’re in pain by looking at you, you doubt your instincts,” Bennet says of the song. “I wanted to express that loss of trust in myself, & the isolation I felt when people around me ignored or explained away my very real experience.” The song’s outro brings this self-doubt into sharp relief: over distorted guitars & frenzied drums, Bennet howls, “Don’t know what’s real, hazy instincts / Say I’m fine, I feel crazy / Don’t call me crazy.”

The native Bostonian & longtime Brooklynite is returning to releasing music after several years of testing her raw, wistful tunes onstage. After her first studio release in 2016 (The Shoebox EP), she made the rounds at New York venues including Mercury Lounge, SoHo House, & Rockwood Music Hall. She has garnered praise from the likes of Girl Underground Music, comeherefloyd, & American Pancake. In May 2020, she won a competing spot in 7 Layers’ Still Quarantined festival, playing alongside indie greats like Harrison Storm & Jake Isaac. In November 2020, she set & fulfilled a challenge to write 30 songs in 30 days, drawing thousands of new listeners on social media.

“In This Body” is a first taste of Paola’s forthcoming EP, Maybe The Light, a collaboration with producer Adam Tilzer, who has been sound engineer to artists including Valerie June, Keith Richards, & Norah Jones. With this single, she unveils the anguish in not being heard, & the dismissal that those with chronic illnesses often meet when speaking up.

“I had trouble seeing specialists, & even they didn’t always take my pain seriously,” she explains. “It’s well-documented that women & people of color have to push a lot harder to see the right doctor, get a test done, get a diagnosis, or get treatment. I want people who have been through that to hear this song & know that I’m right there with them.”

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