What could happen if ever TOY hung out with New Order for a wild night, while listening to Built To Spill? Confused? Tonight’s solution to the puzzle is Last Day Deaf‘s exclusive premiere of Melbourne based nomadic producer and multi-instrumentalist Outside The Academy‘s ‘The Exhibitionist‘. An indie pop ear-candy with a big, scarlet, kraut heart, a killer ‘Hooky-esque’ bassline and an anthemic build-up sky-rocketing the track to the “Indie Hall of Fame”.

Gosh, almost forgot about the ongoing pandemic-era/lockdown with this one….


OTA has “the balance between experimental and euphonics just right” (4ZZZ).

“OTA is about sustaining moments of suspense and euphoria. Their echoey mix of rock/electronica embodies heavy breathing and minds expanding” (Happy Music Blog).

“The paradox in OTA’s music is sublime, eerie compositions laced with electronics; it’s music that is aching to be the married to a David Lynch flick” (Weekend Notes).

OTA is currently based in Melbourne, Australia.