Tonight’s exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf is an uncommon treat for the webzine, since we rarely feature afrobeats artists. Young Chadian artist Obie G is one of the exceptions to the rule and his audacious song ‘Comment tu fais ça‘, a striking blend of afrobeats and dancehall, about a pretty girl who is a hot dancer.

This aural bliss is a sexy taster from Obie G ‘s upcoming album ‘Picasso‘, due out on October 30th. Still sitting? Get up and move ya body to the rhythm!

Press Notes:

Obie G is a young Chadian artist. He’s releasing his new album named ‘Picasso’ on October 30th. This song with a catchy instrumental and hook, is a hearing pleasure.

On this one, Obie G is talking about a pretty girl who is a hot dancer. ‘Comment tu fais ça’ means « How you do that ».

Listen to this track and don’t miss his album Picasso.







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