Tonight we feel more than excited to host the exclusive track premiere by New Casino, a new wave band from New York, that is currently scattered between San Diego, Senegal and Manhattan, and their track ‘Jupiter‘.

This gem is part of a record entitled ‘Rhett Elroy‘ and is about an alien who comes from the planet Chur Chur to save the earth from destruction. Moody, space-y chillwave vibes, alluring vocals, lysergic atmosphere, lush keys and overall a fine blend between chillwave, indie pop and new wave.

Beam us up, New Casino!


New Casino originated in New York City however they are currently split between San Diego, Senegal and Manhattan. After the release of their e.p “Ramona” and album “Oshiki 2” the band set out to complete a third follow up record along with a comic surrounding the life and adventures of an alien named “Rhett Elroy” expected early 2021 beginning with the singles “Sunshine” and “Jupiter”.