Tonight we feel more than excited to host the exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf, of the blues rock, slow-burning, opus, ‘Next Door Blues‘ by Chicagoland-based indie blues/rock band Mudflower. The track sets off in a highly atmospheric way, like a lysergic night in Sahara, to gradually transform into a flaming, electric blues rock, guitar-driven whirlwind, with endless guitar solos, competent, deep vocals, solid drumming and mighty bassline!

“‘Next Door Blues’ is a reaction to multiple things, but certainly a representation of where humans go mentally when having to sit in isolation for long periods at a time. No matter what one believes in, no matter how antisocial or shy one may be, we as people need each other. This song may sound rather ugly, but rest assured it was pure therapy for the band. We hope it serves as therapy for you as well.” Mudflower

Press Notes:

Mudflower was conceptualized in August of 2019 when friends and band-mates, Tom Scofield (drums) and Dan Lopez (bass), decided to venture on their own and create new original music.  After the first jam session with Tim Bernard (vocals), the music chemistry between the trio was immediate. They knew they were onto something special with their raw, gritty, modern blend of Soul Rock Fusion.  The band decided to call themselves “Mudflower”.  This name was inspired by a Lotus flower in Asia that grows out of the mud.  “Mudflower represents beauty from ugly.  Something good from something bad.  A flower blooming from the mud,” they stated. The trio was able to quickly release a few songs in 2020 before the world was shut down due to Covid 19.  The band made it their mission to come out of lock down with new tunes ready for the studio.  Mudflower sure enough got masked up and into the studio to record some of these brand-new songs in July of 2021 with Dan Farnsworth and Doug McBride of Chicago’s Gravity Studios.  Doug and Dan helped Mudflower reach a new potential with 4 powerful new songs:  “Next Door Blues,” “Another Way,” “Quanah Parker,” and “Don’t You Forget.” 

On the EP, the group explains, “The name of the EP is Flore (“flower” in Latin). We felt our collection of new material signified a turning point for us as a band.  We let our feelings and emotions write the music and it helped us heal and finally feel a needed sense of normalcy.  The songs were certainly a reflection of the times.  For example, ‘Next Door Blues’ was the first jam the band naturally fell into after returning from a lengthy lock down.  Luckily, this moment was recorded on an iphone.  The most difficult thing was recreating the essence of that original recording as there was so much raw energy and emotion.”

They continue, “There was an element of risk for the band to continue rehearsing during a pandemic.  But, this was a risk we as a band agreed to take with one and other.  In order for us to grow and move forward, we had to get these feelings documented.  As we saw it, what better way to react during a lockdown than to bang out some heavy distorted bluesy riffs.  This was part of the healing process and allowed us to break out of a dark place.  We feel better for creating this music and hope it has the same effect on our listeners.”