Tonight we feel excited to host the exclusive track premiere on Last Day Deaf of Mimi Pretend‘s (the solo project of Mimi Nissan, formerly of Nightmare Blue) 3rd single ‘Awake with Me‘. A dark pop bijou, full of new wave aesthetics, wicked synth work and an intense Rollercoaster of emotions for the few daring ones, straight from the 80s, “humid bedrooms”. An impeccable blend of new wave, dream pop and bedroom pop that according to the artist was written ‘a love affair that was both tumultuous and amazing, good and bad, extreme highs and extreme lows. The constant of good and bad became cyclical.’  Psyched!


Mimi Pretend is the solo project of Mimi Nissan, formerly of Nightmare Blue, (which disbanded during the pandemic), came to be in a small, lead paint covered, seedy but intimate apartment in Denver, Colorado. Now residing in Los Angeles, California, Mimi Pretend is still writing and recording in a small bedroom, capturing indie rock with dark pop vibes.

Awake with Me is her third single that was written and recorded by herself and mixed and mastered by Chris Ostler of the UK band Black Honey. This single will be released on September 30th.