Tonight we feel enthroned to host the exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf, of the Costa Rican music producer and DJ from San José Melina Blanco and her due out on May 12th, track ‘XU‘. This 4+ minute drone (pretty close to the space ambient territory) is a highly atmospheric, and also meditative, sonic drift into the subconscious. Its progression is lysergic as it should be, while the build-up’s gradual, with the space-y pads ultimately taking over our pneuma.

We strongly recommend to put on your headphones, (shame we cannot set the repeat mode on this mp3!), turn off the lights, sit comfortably, close your eyes and get a charge out of this unique ride…. Floating in space…


Melina Blanco is a music producer and DJ from San José, Costa Rica. She likes to incorporate different styles and textures into her dj sets and productions. Melina began creating soundscape oriented sounds and released her EP “Lila” in 2019 and single “i am empty” in 2020. That year, she released her second EP “Eter” which includes breakbeat combined with atmospheric spaces. In 2021, she released her single “Tulip”, a song that integrates again ambient, glitch and deconstructed breakbeat. Very recently she collaborated with MADC (Museum of Contemporary Art and Design) creating a song to interpret the visual work of the artist Patricia Belli.