We are more than excited for today’s premiere on Last Day Deaf, by Nashville-based singer-songwriter Matt Burke, and his single ‘Whiskey Christmas‘, officially out on Friday, 26th November. An uncommon holiday single whose vibes match perfectly but regarding lyrics, according to the press release the song tells “the story of a man struggling to make it through the headaches of the holidays – the slush and cold weather of winter, the incessant crowds of holiday shoppers, the airport delays and overpriced airport drinks“. Burke’s intimate vocal performance, the immediate melody and the light melancholic veil, but above all the impeccable Nashville country-americana sound result in an instant classic gem for the holiday season. An emotive song about loners, and all of those who may relate one way or another with the artist’s inspiration behind ‘Whiskey Christmas’:

Most Christmas songs paint a picture of the perfect family enjoying each other’s company in the perfect home with the perfect snow-globe weather outside, and that’s just not an experience I’ve ever been familiar with. Christmas tends to be incredibly dysfunctional, so I felt like I wanted to write a holiday song from that angle.

An X-mas sedative that will warm your hearts!


A songwriter since the age of 11, Burke cites a diverse spectrum of musical influences including Chris Stapleton, Tom Petty, Waylon Jennings, Roy Orbison, and Townes Van Zandt.  A versatile artist, each single Burke releases pulls inspiration from a different aspect of the Americana genre – from 1970’s honky-tonk line-dance anthems to heartbreaking bar stool laments – Burke showcases his chops as a storyteller and performer while continuing to carve his unique niche in the Nashville Music scene. 


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