Tonight we feel passionate to host the exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf, of the Canadian, with Sri Lanka roots, up-and-coming rapper Mallokay and his upcoming single ‘Breathe‘ (officially out on June 4th), which features KXNG Crooked (formerly known as Crooked I, he participated on Eminem‘s most recent album). The artist’s main values are his touching lyrical verses, the competent, clean rapping, and the amount of emotion that’s unleashed from every single verse, rhyme, word…second. This dude is passionate about his art, and the listener can with ease feel this.

Absolute banger!


Brannon Kasthuriratne, also known as Mallokay and formerly known as BK The Grandson, is a rapper who was born on June 3, 1999, in Toronto, Canada, to a mother and father of Sri Lankan descent.

Brannon began rapping at the age of 11 ever since he began freestyle rapping for fun and learned he had a talent for it. His biggest influences were artists such as Eminem, 2pac, and many more who were known to leave a mark on the following generations after them. Brannon would rap often, using this as an outlet, as well as a way to hone a talent he could finally say he has that many of his friends did not. He’d use every opportunity to create songs, especially in school presentations where he was allowed creative freedom to do so. It was not long at all before he knew that this was the career path he would follow to the best of his abilities.

He had his first performance in the sixth grade at his elementary school talent show, where he performed an original rap over the beat for Drake’s song “Over”. From then on, year after year he would continue performing at every show he had the chance to perform at, which especially consisted of his elementary school and high school talent shows, where he was often praised by his teachers for his lyrical capabilities, including the ones who strongly disliked the Hip Hop genre for various reasons.

In the month of September in 2018, Brannon attended Durham College in Oshawa, Ontario to partake in their Music Business Management program where he would eventually drop out of by the end of the first semester. He did, however, receive the opportunity to open for rappers Obie Trice and Swifty McVay because of an opening shared in the Music Business Management Facebook group. This show became Brannon’s first show that involved selling his own tickets and opening for well known artists. This day lead to another opportunity of opening for Rich Homie Quan in March of 2019.

In August, 2019, Brannon established a recording studio in his home that he uses to record all of his music, as well as opens up to local youth in the music industry to record, learn, and network. This has lead to many well established connections, but even more than that, a stronger sense of community where he lives.

In April, 2020, Brannon changed his name from BK The Grandson to Mallokay, which is a name he gave himself that holds many meanings when broken down into parts. The root of his name “Mallo” was thought of when he noticed how his mother calls him that, which is a nickname in Sinhalese that is exclusive to him in his family. “Allokay” means light in Sinhalese, and Brannon wanted this to represent him, as he wishes to become a guiding light for the world to lead it in a better direction using resources he plans to attain as he becomes more successful in his music career. As well, there are many more small meanings in this name that have added up to the full name, “Mallokay”.

Brannon continues to release music in hopes to become known as the greatest lyricist in Hip Hop while achieving the rest of his life goals that transcends beyond the scope of his music career.