What could the outcome be when a 40s blues track called ‘The Honeydripper‘ by Joe Liggins serves as an inspiration for three youths from Detroit whose music is a volcanic blend of rock n’ roll and garage punk? Tonight’s exclusive premiere by LYONS on Last Day Deaf is hot as lava, a garage-blues-punk treat with powerhouse vocals, ear-gasmic guitar riffs, thunderous drumming and abrasive basslines.

This band is ‘cooking with gas’ (’40s slang still in use)!


Lyons are a Detroit trio formed in 2019 by Leo (vocals, guitar), Tomcat Thompson (Low End) and Jack Mackey (drums). Fresh out of high school, they are described as “a little less rock, a little more roll” acknowledging their major rockabilly and 1950s influence. They take their liberties and make it a new sound for the modern audience. They are revered by many groups of people, from the pop fans to the rock fans, because their sound can make any audience move and feel. Simply put, they are what original 1950s rock ‘n’ roll would have evolved into if it never became rock music. They focus more on danceable melodies and hooks than overly distorted guitars and long solos. They are a band that should be on everybody’s radar with a lot of mainstream potential.