Most important things in life are, or more correctly, should be simple and plain. Today’s exclusive by Patrick Phelan‘s creative vehicle, Luego, ‘Katerina‘, boasts about this “simplicity” and directness at the same time. Phelan is not afraid to sing about the purity of romance, and in particular “the pure feelings of love and wonder in the early stages of a romance“. And, that’s why this track is such a gem. After, all we (should) all have a “Katerina”, at sometime in our lives. Right?

Acoustic indie at its greatest…

Press Notes

Katerina is the listener’s queue to come up for air on VISTA. It’s one of the more sincere songs I’ve written, should be enjoyed sitting around a campfire in the desert, or while cozying up with a lover. The song explains the pure feelings of love and wonder in the early stages of a romance. I’m particularly excited about the moody sonic palate that the the horn and the bowed upright bass create in the last half of the song as they build into a final refrain on a soft bed of strings. The is best paired with Desert Rose as the songs connect in an integral part of the VISTA story.

A Note on VISTA

In late February/early March, Luego will release their fourth Studio Album, VISTA. Credits below

Written by Patrick Phelan
Produced and Mixed by Jeff Crawford @ Arbor Ridge Studios
Mastered by Jeff Carrol @ Bluefield Mastering

Recorded in June and September 2018
at Arbor Ridge Studios in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

The Players
Patrick Phelan: Lead vocals, guitars
Jeff Crawford: bass, guitars, synth, vocals
Nick Jaeger: guitars
Charles Cleaver: piano, synth
Joe Westerlund: drums, percussion
Rusty Smith: trumpet
Libby Rodenbough: violin
AC Niver: vocals

Quick band bio

Luego is led by singer-songwriter Patrick Phelan. The band began in 2006 in North Carolina and has released three albums. Between 2008 to 2013, the band toured across the US and Europe extensively, gaining local and regional critical acclaim. in 2013, Phelan moved to Los Angeles California. He continued his relationship with long time NC-based band mates, sending demos to the band that would end up Luego’s upcoming ourth studio album, VISTA will be released late Winter/early Spring 2019.
Lead singles “Welcome,” and the “Man” are out now everywhere, and “Katerina” and “Desert Rose” are out January 11th, with more singles to come leading up to the full-length release.