Sometimes absolute magic stems from simplicity, like in the case of today’s premiere on Last Day Deaf, by American indie folk ‘troubadour’ LIT. MAJOR, and his ‘In This Light‘ song. The song is dealing with ‘those moments in our lives when we know things are about to change, often for the worse, and how strongly we wish we could just preserve things the way they are‘.

A simple and intense melody, a tempting vocal performance that brought in mind great lost act Spoonfed Hybrid, an impeccable nylon-stringed guitar, and some vital aid by our beloved ‘shaman’ Thor Harris (Swans, Shearwater) on vibraphone and Callum Foulds on piano.

A masterpiece to warm up our hearts!

Press Notes:

The album features several guest musicians, including none other than Thor Harris (of Swans, Shearwater, and more) on vibraphone on three tracks. (It’s still surreal to me that he said yes, but he did, and here we are!) It is by far my most collaborative album yet, and I’m so happy so many people agreed to lend their talents – it made these songs into something they could never have been with just me.

After my last album, Generosity, which featured many intensely personal songs — including one about my experience as a gay teenager, from the point of view of my mother who I wasn’t out to yet at the time — it was time to take a bit of a step away from that, and to center on more ficion-leaning songwriting, which used to be my focus. Of course, as with most fiction, there are at least a few grains of truth sprinkled in as well…

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