We feel more than excited for tonight’s exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf by the Dublin’s dark indie/shoegaze darlings Late Night Pharmacy and their latest, explosive single ‘Is It Because‘ (offially out on August 26th).

The song is a meteoric blend dark indie a la early-era Interpol, and 90s MBV alike shoegaze outbursts, containing gentle, yet distinctive math rock finishing touches. Fast & furious from start to finish, unleashing emotion, and more immediate than ever these Irish lads are ready to conquer the big arenas. But, first they touched our soul… Turn this cathartic beast up loud and enjoy!

Press Notes:

Dublin’s newest rock exports, Late Night Pharmacy, share a tantalising new single ‘Is It Because’ due to be unleashed 26/08/22!

Caught between an exhilarating swagger and a compelling lurch all built around a spiralling, infectious guitar and dramatic drum arrangement that provides the backbone for the visceral vocal spitting.

Harnessing a punch of new wave alt-rock in a incredibly infectious manner, Late Night Pharmacy are a gang you want to be a part of. Gorging on the eclectic sprawl of the shoegaze-music canon, and latching onto the traditions that get their blood pumping, the resulting maelstrom of sound is at once effervescent, and invigorating.

Speaking ahead of their upcoming release, the band explained: “Unlike most of the songs in the band’s back catalogue, ‘Is It Because’ is a very personal song, with lyrics describing an unrequited romantic attraction in blunt, unsentimental language.”

The track draws an eclectic palette of influences from alternative rock, post-punk, post-hardcore, to shoegaze with no sacrifice on substance on this stylistic gem of a single. The group’s forthcoming work, produced by Aidan Cunningham (The Blizzards, Overhead the Albatross, The Scratch), also sees them venture towards a grittier direction, yet still maintaining their melodic essence to reinforce their stand-out identity.

Earning significant praise throughout the tastemaker landscape (hotpress, undergroundnproud, babylon radio, moshville) it’s clear that Late Night Pharmacy’s reputation is on the rise and they are a band on the cusp of something special. Is It Because will be infiltrating the minds of all that hear on 26/08/22!

LNP will be playing a headline show on the 26th to celebrate the release of the single.

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