Tonight we feell more than excited for the exclusive track premiere on Last Day Deaf, of the collaborative single ‘Against the Sea‘ by the Slovakian pianist La Pix and the Czech musician & producer De Moi. Heavily inspired by the legendary Harold Budd, this ambient classical piece, is a transcentdent sample of minimal beauty which gradually unfolds its secret gemstones to the patient listeners.

Sit back, close your eyes and…Dream on!


One of the great piano stylists of the late twentieth century, Harold Budd wrote slowly unfurling and haunting compositions that were some of the highlights of ambient music in the 80s, and 90s. His technique of atmospheric chords ornamented by delicate Minimalist motifs was enunciated further by his collaborations with Brian Eno. And it was Eno and Budd’s album The Pearl that inspired La Pix & De Moi to use a slightly similar technique on the single Against the Sea.

La Pix is a Slovak pianist who debuted earlier this year with the solo piano recording Plantes Rares. De Moi is already a well-known and established musician and producer, who is mainly dedicated to deepening the possibilities of electronic music focusing mainly on ambient textures and soundscapes. De Moi combines the use of a guitar for creating abstract soundscapes with a variety of synthesized and natural sounds. Sometimes, it is hard or even impossible to recognize the exact sonic sources in a finished composition.

These two musicians join forces on their current single much like Harold Budd and Brian Eno did decades ago. “When recording, we deliberately avoided excessive post-production and the use of MIDI. You will only hear a subtly treated piano recorded using ORTF stereo technique with more pronounced electronic treatments and nature recordings,” says De Moi.

La Pix:
De Moi: