We are thrilled to present the exclusive track premiere on Last Day Deaf of ‘Prince Harming‘, the latest single by Kyle T. Hurley. This powerful song effortlessly blends the genres of americana, blues rock, and modern alternative rock, delivering a unique sonic experience. With thought-provoking lyrics centered around the theme of groupies, Kyle T. Hurley, an American singer-songwriter, has been making waves in London, where he has been honing his craft. His music showcases meticulous attention to detail, with rich melodies and intricately crafted song structures that captivate the listener from start to finish. Kyle T. Hurley’s transatlantic journey has undoubtedly influenced his sound, resulting in a musical style that is both authentic and captivating.

‘Prince Harming’ is a song about groupies – it’s their perspective and experience of pursuing the musician they like. They know how it will end but just can’t help themselves.” Kyle T. Hurley

Press Notes:

American born Kyle T Hurley, a country, blues and rock singer-songwriter, has been hard at work across the pond in London, crafting his upcoming  fourth studio album, Kyle T. Hurley IV, expected to drop this Fall with the support of Spiritual Records. Led by Rafael Pesce, Spiritual helped to define and polish Kyle’s sound and craft. They own a venue in London’s Camden Town where Kyle and other like-minded artists perform every night. Jack Trouble, Spiritual’s in-house producer and an artist in his own right, produced and recorded Kyle’s album in their very own studio.

 This talented artist has received accolades from several media outlets, including No Depression, AXS, Impose Magazine, Vents Magazine, and more, proving his ability to blend genres and deliver a fresh take on classic country and rock music with a 90s-grunge-inspired twist. Hurley states, Kandy Land is a journey into the nightlife of Kiev when it was flourishing but through the eyes of the board game Candyland. Mama Ginger Tree, Mr. Mint and Queen Frostine – they were all there. Quite a time.

In this upcoming album,  Kyle explores different stylistic ideas and sounds, always trying to stray from the obvious musical choices available in crafting songs. This exploration of his craft is underpinned by songs exploring the night life of Europe as an artist.

With deep roots in the Los Angeles music club scene, Kyle has perfected a modern approach to the classic country blues and rock style. His self-titled debut album was recorded at the famous Castlesound Studios in the UK, where renowned artists like The Proclaimers, R.E.M., and Mark Knopfler have also recorded. His second and third albums, “KTH II” and “KTH III” were recorded in London and finished at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, featuring Amy Winehouse guitarist Robin Banerjee. Kyle brings a unique style to his recordings and live performances, blending the old-school blues standards with new modern melodies and timbres. Currently residing in London, he’s gigging all over the UK and Europe, captivating audiences with his original and innovative musical style.