Today’s exclusive premiere belongs to a band from Missouri, Jailbox. We feel really proud for this one, since ‘Bird Rib‘ is a magnificent indie folk gem, with an effortless melody, in the vein of artists like Wilco & American Music Club among others. Lyrically-wise, the track deals with “..the past, what could have been different, what’s the stayed the same, and what is about to change...”.

Having been lucky enough to have listened to this track numerous times, over the past few (and difficult) days, I feel in a way blessed & lucky for this exclusive.

Thank you Jailbox!

Press Release

Release date: July 27th, 2018

Bird Rib, the first track of 2018 by Missouri outfit Jailbox, opens with certain relatability, “The knots in my back”. Delivered with raw and modest composure, the single continues accompanied by a steady bass and rhythm section, supplying a mellow-minded, sturdy tone. Lyrical compositions provide vocally vulnerable sonic textures in the forms of memories, ranging from “a photo of my father laughing”, to the erratic desire to give up, “I’ll sleep where I fall”. The torpid, scruffy musical break is re-haunted by the unanswerable, inevitable question; “How to feel the way I felt before I knew what you know now”. An indie-folk rocker, Bird Rib contains the often sought wherewithal to move beyond its simple sensibilities and onto a potent, indie-pop frontier. The band has retained their familiar demure Jailbox mood, but now also anchors a recognizable face into hi-fi friendliness.