Prepare for the exclusive track premiere on Last Day Deaf, featuring the French band Holy Hour and their scintillating new creation, ‘Limerence‘. This track is a masterful amalgamation of shoegaze, surf rock, and noise rock, erupting with volcanic energy. It’s a passionate and irresistibly catchy composition that sweeps you off your feet and immerses you in a whirlwind of sonic fervor

Press Notes:

Obsessive desire to feel loved by the object of one’s fantasies. First half of the mini EP She Held Burning Lilies, Limerence is a mix of shoegaze sounds with vocals inspired by the new post-hardcore wave (see Title Fight, Modern Color…). Based on an inverted storytelling in the verses, the different movements that make up this piece alternate between energetic phases, introspection and, inevitably, resignation. FFO: Nothing / Holy Fawn / Julie