This song shares the sound of the voice from the other side. A haunting reminder of the inevitable + we are dust • we were never here‘ LA based indie/avant garde singer and songwriter Torii Wolf has stated about the latest track written & produced by HD-4884, scheduled for release on October 9th. ‘Death Awaits‘ Stunning production & sound, intelligent mix of idm, future bass and indie electronic, and last but not least a glorious vocal performance from Torii, bringing in mind 90s era Björk. Heart-stopping!

Press Notes:

LA based indie/avant garde singer and songwriter Torii Wolf releases their new single “Death Awaits.” A NYC native, Wolf has previously been featured on outlets like Billboard, Complex, okayplayer, and Stereogum. Previously, Wolf has recorded and released music with notable music icons like DJ Premier, Mike Zombie (the producer of Drake’s “Started From The Bottom”), and Macklemore. Wolf fuses indie, dance and avant garde to create a moving and unique work of art. 

In a 15-year career that has spanned a host of musical genres from singer-songwriter to hip-hop, Torii Wolf has never failed to create a sense of intimacy with their listeners. In 2017, Tori released a full album with hip-hop icon DJ Premier titled “Flow Riiot”, including track “Free” featuring rapper Macklemore. Wolf wants their music to be about breaking down preconceived notions, with no pigeonholing and no labels. “I want to use my music to build a safe space for people to feel”, Wolf says.