Grant Zubritsky is not a newbie for Last Day Deaf. Having recently hosted the exclusive premiere for his sublime debut original release ‘Shift, we are more than excited for his brand new banger(!), ‘#activism‘. Leaving the strong spacey feel aside, Grant collaborated with Brooklyn rapper/producer Kahiem Rivera, and the result is just stunning. The imposing synthesizers are greatly combined with Rivera’s solid rapping, creating a genre of their own: “cyber-hop“? Well, whatever it is this is a statement that Zubritsky is here to stay….And impress!


#activism is a collaboration between Brooklyn electronic producer Grant Zubritsky and Brooklyn rapper/producer Kahiem Rivera.  Zubritsky wrote the track in the greenroom of Forest National, a venue in Brussels, Belgium when he was on tour performing with Nick Murphy (Chet Faker).  Steve Nalepa (The Acid) proposed a listening session on the bus after the show to hear what everyone was working on.  Zubritsky didn’t have anything he really wanted to show, so he decided to write something new.  His new idea became the basis for #activism.  Shortly after arriving back in Brooklyn, Zubritsky saw Rivera’s set at the Bedstuy club C’mon Everybody.  He loved Rivera’s approach and rhythmic flow and felt that it would mesh well with his own writing.  Rivera did all the heavy lifting on his own, writing and recording the vocals and just sending Zubritsky the stems.  Zubritsky immediately loved everything about Rivera’s verses, from his strong delivery and unique vocal timbre, to his social and political commentary.  The product is somewhere between a dystopian synthesizer soundtrack and a nineties hip-hop album.


Kahiem Rivera