Now, this must be one of the most uplifting “about-to=break-up” tracks we have ever listened to. Australian band Good Will Remedy creates unparalleled  alt-countryesque americana, and today’s exclusive on Last Day Deaf, ‘Caroline‘ is the ideal example. The first single from GWR’s upcoming 7 track EP, is one those very rare tunes, you just cannot stop listening on repeat, and despite its bitter lyrical content, leaves you with a huge grin on your face.

…And, as you might very well have guessed Good Will Remedy’s strength lies in their feelgood vibes, that make you think the sun is always gonna shine.. And this is more than precious! Thank you Caroline….


Caroline is a song about a girl – about planning a break up with said girl and how best to have the last word on the way out…the song was initially written around a tuning Will picked up (see borrowed) from Steve Earle via a You Tube video; actually its less about the tuning and more about the placement of the capo.

As with all the tracks recorded for the EP the song was captured live – with the only over dubs being vocals. Our plan with these recordings was to capture the songs as soon as possible after they were written and brought to the band and were semi-comfortable – as I think songs can become overly safe and little too smooth the more they are played, parts tend to get overly complicated and the initial excitement for the song slowly dissipates – they can lose that certain energy – whether its energy based on not F’king up or energy surrounding the fact its a new song…its that energy that I think is important to try and keep – energy for the songs, for the performances and for the creative process in general – its something we spoke about and we really wanted to capture this time around and I think Caroline is good example of that approach.


Americana is where the song is king – a broad genre that encompasses country, alt country and rock–and it is here that Good Will Remedy find themselves at home.

With a long history in the local and national music scene and a C.V that includes Brisbane legends Pharaoh’s Playground and BUZZkillers – Good Will Remedy are a band awash with strong song writing and performance craft with an honest southern fried feel tinged with alt Countryesque Americana styling.

Following on from their well-received debut album, and their second album Silver Lined– launching the album to a packed house at iconic Brisbane venue Leftys Old Time Music Hall in May. Good Will Remedy are gearing up for a release of an EP in the Spring of this year.

Lead Singer Will Lebihan suggests that “the strength of the songs allows quite a bit of flexibility performance wise-we work hard to ensure that the song remains king – the other flashy stuff can come later – if at all!”

That flexibility in performance has seen Good Will Remedy perform on larger stages in full band mode as well as smaller more intimate venues in a more stripped back format – no matter which way it comes, the crowds continue to grow and word continues to spread – but the song remans king – and so it should!